Personal Stories after..

I’m going to put myself a lot more out there, in a personal way and speak about things that people (I think) never knew about me. After watching the series of 13 reasons why, I understood everyone on this planet is dealing with something. You can’t look into someone’s life. You have no idea what they are going through. You can’t judge people. You don’t know why they have a certain behaviour..

I’ve been in several situations when I had a lot going on in my personal life. Once I would be outside of the house in public spaces or work, I would snap due to other things that built up anger or sadness. Of course social media shows exactly how “happy” we are and how “good” our lives are. But we never show the “shitty” parts. I never talk about my past. I try to not think of it. But I started noticing that anything that has ever happened in my past, affected me and made me to who I am now. It wasn’t an amazing road. I would never start talking about it myself and I also hate it when people bring it up, especially when it’s not the truth. Ofcourse in some ways I haven’t always been the best person but we are human. We make mistakes. We learn from others and from mistakes. But in some cases I couldn’t do anything and it wasn’t my fault so I’m doing this to let you all know, you’re not alone! Don’t be ashamed for things that happened and can’t be changed anymore or things you couldn’t control. I’m here telling a big part of my life that affected me so much that until today, my behaviour and who I am came from it. Reasons why I don’t trust people. Reasons why I deal with anxiety so now and then. Reasons why I want to make my life better. We only live once, and don’t always take it too literally cause I used to do that too when I was younger. This is life. And I’m not saying I’m such a great person. I’ve been a bitch. I’ve been a bad person as well. But I am the sweetest girl on the planet if you accept me and respect me. I’m not starting with my stories today. This is an announcement that I’m working on it.

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Caroll van den Brom

Online Creative and Artist of CAREAUX. My name is Caroll Lynn and my artist name is CAREAUX. I'm a sneaker illustrator turned footwear designer. After a study of four years, I landed at Filling Pieces as their first Womens Footwear Designer. In 2016 and 2017 CAREAUX released her first collaboration with PUMA. Besides working for Filling Pieces and working with PUMA, I also worked on illustrations for Nike, Adidas, Lacoste, FILA, DIESEL. More of my previous work can be found via portfolio I illustrate everything I like myself and sell my favourites. Most of my work is made on canvas but I'm always open for discussions and requests. For collaborations, contact me via the contactform. My instagram is known for her sneakers and feminine style. The content created is focussed on fashion and art combined with traveling - #SHECOZY

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