Sneaker Dedication

If you know me from years ago, you know I used to draw sneakers. Day in. Day out. Not a moment I wouldn’t do it. I studied graphic design and as much as I liked most assignments at school, I just wanted to step away from the rules of the book.

Long story short. I dropped out of school in 2014. My dad had a car accident back in 2013 and I missed a lot of hours at school so instead redoing a year, I just left. I ended up working fulltime at night at a sushi restaurant and during the day I would just illustrate sneakers.

I used a rose in my illustrations a lot during that time. I see flowers as growth of life – this can be anything in life. I’m a sneaker head. I called my rose “Dedication flower”. So my series of sneakers with flowers is called: “Sneaker Dedication”.

A few days ago I received an email of a girl. She messaged about my canvases (yep my website is totally not clear – I need to fix that). She wanted to order a 1 of 1 Sneaker Dedication for her friend. She said her friend always wanted to have a piece of my work. So when I read that, I can’t wait to start.

Friday is my day off work, it’s the day I always put my time in CAREAUX. I had to stay home all day to wait for interior to come in so I had enough time to work on this piece.
What do you think?

schermafbeelding 2019-01-06 om 14.39.09

If you’re curious for my work. I have some stuff available on
Or just email me. I’m always open to discuss work!

Thank you Lois!
I hope your friend loves it as much as we do!

Caroll van den Brom

Online Creative and Artist of CAREAUX. My name is Caroll Lynn and my artist name is CAREAUX. I'm a sneaker illustrator turned footwear designer. After a study of four years, I landed at Filling Pieces as their first Womens Footwear Designer. In 2016 and 2017 CAREAUX released her first collaboration with PUMA. Besides working for Filling Pieces and working with PUMA, I also worked on illustrations for Nike, Adidas, Lacoste, FILA, DIESEL. More of my previous work can be found via portfolio I illustrate everything I like myself and sell my favourites. Most of my work is made on canvas but I'm always open for discussions and requests. For collaborations, contact me via the contactform. My instagram is known for her sneakers and feminine style. The content created is focussed on fashion and art combined with traveling - #SHECOZY

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