Is it a chair? Is it a couch?

It’s a loveseat! It’s not as small to call it a chair but not big enough to call it a proper couch. It’s definitely in between. You can snuggle up against your partner and watch romantic movies. Or even grab a good book and chill. In my case, it’s whooping my boyfriend ass in Mario Kart. We have a pouf in the same colour and when we are playing games, Piper loves to chill there and watch us. She has been super clingy lately, especially towards my boyfriend. Yes, she never liked him but now she is totally in love and forgot about me.

We were actually looking for a bigger couch but when I looked at our interior and how I placed our open book shelve, a bigger one wouldn’t fit and it would also take away the aesthetics. Also, I didn’t want to settle for a different material. I’m a sucker for soft items, also goes for colour. But when I have to settle for a material for a couch or chair, it’s definitely velvet but in a dark colour.

Whoops, I totally forgot to mention (not really) as I’m just talking and talking. This loveseat comes from! I’m a massive fan of for a few years – actually I’ve been hoping to work with them and finally that day has come! YEAH! Something to tick off my bucket list. Their designs, I have no other words than just amazing. Imagine, if I lived on my own, I would spend all my money on their items and live off water and crackers..

This loveseat really is a life saver for us. The loveseat is blue but not super dark. It’s kinda bright but not too much. Our other couch is dark blue and isn’t that big, we bought it cause in our previous house it was exactly fitted between two walls. On the weekends we have a lot of friends and family over and before we had the loveseat, everyone just sat down on the floor. My mom still sits on the floor cause she just likes to play around with Piper.

What I love about this one is that the legs have little wheels. In a great colour that makes it look vintage while you know it’s brand new. It’s so easy in its use, I couldn’t have asked for more. Well I can… I used my puppy eyes when I placed the order cause I wanted pink (who doesn’t? I can name one person). I try to keep both parties happy. I just want people to be comfortable at our house and I want him to actually use it. He does. So win win! The waiting game is just it. Did you know that they have no waste, at all! I’m pretty sure they make their items on order. If you thought: “why does it take 12 weeks to get here” – I just gave you the answer. Also the price? It’s only €279! No more words needed!

Loveseat // Bouji

Thank you for our loveseat!
A real life saver for my friends and fams butts but also super pretty and perfectly fitting in with our interior.

Caroll van den Brom

Online Creative and Artist of CAREAUX. My name is Caroll Lynn and my artist name is CAREAUX. I'm a sneaker illustrator turned footwear designer. After a study of four years, I landed at Filling Pieces as their first Womens Footwear Designer. In 2016 and 2017 CAREAUX released her first collaboration with PUMA. Besides working for Filling Pieces and working with PUMA, I also worked on illustrations for Nike, Adidas, Lacoste, FILA, DIESEL. More of my previous work can be found via portfolio I illustrate everything I like myself and sell my favourites. Most of my work is made on canvas but I'm always open for discussions and requests. For collaborations, contact me via the contactform. My instagram is known for her sneakers and feminine style. The content created is focussed on fashion and art combined with traveling - #SHECOZY

One thought on “Is it a chair? Is it a couch?

  1. Hey there Caroll, how you doing!? I just went through your blog and its totally fab, keep up this effort love and have a nice day! ❤
    Looking forward to reading from your blog more 🙂
    You have a new follower 😉

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