My new Lucky

If you know my work, you know I created an character after my cat Lucky died. For those who’ve missed this (very important) moment, Lucky was part of my life for 14 years but passed away after he had a heart attack 3 years ago. He was my best friend. I know it sounds weird but he knew me, he could feel it when I was sad. He listened to me. I used to travel a lot for my work and I lived in Sydney on and off. I wasn’t home when it happened. I remember a month before I left to Sydney, I went to visit my mom and Lucky was all around me. He wouldn’t leave me alone. He also looked sad and scared. The way he held on to me. Maybe he already knew or felt it was coming and he was saying goodbye in his way.. I wish I knew back then.. I would have cuddled him forever..

I never had the chance to say goodbye so I created a character, named after him. The illustration, the character helped me to deal (sort of) with the situation. A year after his passings, I painted Lucky Cat on a wall at Pow Wow Hawaii. As I think of it now, I’m never really able to give it a place. I think of him every day. My dads accident made me think I had to work for everything I wanted cause life is way too short to sit still, do everything by the rules when it doesn’t even make you happy.. Lucky’s passings was a different wake up call – it made me realise I had to be closer to home since everyone in my family is getting older too. Not long after that, I decided to settle in Amsterdam for good and only travel when I have to.

I wanted to change the OG Lucky Cat and add more meaning to it. Of course I would use a cat-face but I also wanted to add my flower to it. I tried to change it with my own rose – it did not work out at all. I haven’t used my own rose in a while because of something personal – only very close people know. I had to dig deeper into the meaning for Lucky. For some reason, bad things or experiences motivate me – try to do better. As the cherry blossoms bloom in one period of time around March and April, it happened that Lucky passed away when they were going to bloom. Flowers always helped me to express my work. I love when flowers bloom, it shows life in a pure form. I feel happiness through flowers and I felt that with having Lucky. I’ve decided to combine Lucky, and his passings in March, with the bloom of the Cherry Blossoms. I illustrated his face surrounded by 6 cherry blossom leafs – he passed on the 6th of March.

I’m very happy with the outcome! I hope you all love it too and the thought behind it. I will share more of it soon. I’m trying to leave my rose in the past so this new Lucky Cat will be my main focus. I’m more working offline lately and I think that’s good to just practice your work.

Last night I started painting for the first time. I always look over my boyfriends shoulder when he paints and I think to myself: “I can do that”. I also decided to use some of his tips and tricks. I opened my Illustrator and decided to make it digital first so I had something to look at. With a lot of motivation I started working but that slowly disappeared with the hour. As I’m a graphic designer, I want it to be sharp as f and perfect. Well that was quite a slap in my face. I only illustrate/draw on my iPad or MacBook – never on paper or any other surface. And it’s funny how I thought it would be easy when it’s not even close. Even after I painted such a big cat on a wall, it didn’t turn out the way I wanted on the skateboard. I even cried lol because I was so disappointed. I never paint. I don’t know how to work with any tool that’s not on a screen. In addition, I used all the necessities that my boyfriend likes to work with. For me this was also new so for the next time I think I use something else like proper brushes. And although it’s not perfect yet, although my name is “big” as an artist but can’t paint for days – it motivates me even more to do better. And I can do it and I’m not sacred to show you the flaws of it. Practice makes perfect.

As you can see on the canvas, it looks amazing cause it’s all digital. And I need to get used to it that digital and hand paint are two different things. I will take as much time as I need. Be patience cause I have to be patience with myself too.

Welcome new Lucky Cat
“In loving memory of Lucky”

Caroll van den Brom

Online Creative and Artist of CAREAUX. My name is Caroll Lynn and my artist name is CAREAUX. I'm a sneaker illustrator turned footwear designer. After a study of four years, I landed at Filling Pieces as their first Womens Footwear Designer. In 2016 and 2017 CAREAUX released her first collaboration with PUMA. Besides working for Filling Pieces and working with PUMA, I also worked on illustrations for Nike, Adidas, Lacoste, FILA, DIESEL. More of my previous work can be found via portfolio I illustrate everything I like myself and sell my favourites. Most of my work is made on canvas but I'm always open for discussions and requests. For collaborations, contact me via the contactform. My instagram is known for her sneakers and feminine style. The content created is focussed on fashion and art combined with traveling - #SHECOZY

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