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Here we go! I noticed that a lot of girls keep asking about my clothes and most importantly, my sneakers. So what I’m going to do from now on, is try to help you in the right direction for my style.  I basically really wear what I like and I developed this style into something […]

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My middle name should be “DRESS”

As most of you know, if you read about our upcoming trip, we are going to Singapore. Let Singapore be one of the cities I fell in love with. This time we are planning to do a lot of other things than I did the first times I’ve visited. I found a location I want […]

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Yeh yeh, I know. Nothing secret about it when it’s posted on social media but you had no idea what was the concept behind the shoot. I guess that counted as a “secret”. I had a crazy work out before the shoot. I couldn’t walk the day after but that was okay. I still had […]

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