1 of 1 Sneaker Dedication - Poster

1 of 1 Sneaker Dedication - Poster

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A Sneaker Dedication was created out of love for sneakers and flowers. Not everyone has the same favorite shoe or favorite flowers. You may not like flowers at all, but would rather plant them in combination with a sneaker. This is possible! Via this option you can put together your own Sneaker Dedication! And it works like this!

Step 1.
Choose your favourite sneaker.

Step 2.
Choose your flowers. If you can’t decide, CAREAUX's iconic cherry blossoms will get added. If you don't want flowers, let us know!

Step 3.
Place the order in the size you'd like. This is possible through the drop down! After placing the order and payment has been made, head over to CONTACT. Fill in the form with your order number and your Sneaker Dedication.

Name: James Bond.
Email: 007@gmail.com.
Message: Order number 100: "Jordan 4 Mars Blackmon with White Lilys. Background color pastel lilac”.

Please note. The process of a 1 of 1 Sneaker Dedication takes up to two weeks! After that, you’ll receive the tracking once your Sneaker Dedication is shipped! If you need your artwork before a certain time, please contact us to discuss this before placing the order. Thank you for understanding!



Product information:
- Digital artwork
- CMYK Printed
- Directly printed on Forex
- 250 g/m2 silk paper (wood free)

All items are Made To Order
Creating artwork takes up to two week.
Printing process takes up to 5 working days.
Shipping time depends in destination!