My middle name should be “DRESS”

As most of you know, if you read about our upcoming trip, we are going to Singapore. Let Singapore be one of the cities I fell in love with. This time we are planning to do a lot of other things than I did the first times I’ve visited. I found a location I want […]

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Yeh yeh, I know. Nothing secret about it when it’s posted on social media but you had no idea what was the concept behind the shoot. I guess that counted as a “secret”. I had a crazy work out before the shoot. I couldn’t walk the day after but that was okay. I still had […]

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Futuristic reality

The Nike Element React Mid WR ISPA – some really don’t like it but I have a weakness for slim-looking mid top sneakers. This weakness is so real that I keep buying it while it hurts my ankles. I blame my legs since they’re aren’t model-like straight. I heard mixed things about this sneaker but […]

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