WORKSHOP with Atmos Tokyo by Solebox

I think most of you have seen it on my story yesterday but pictures only don’t always do the talking. It was more than pics, it was definitely the experience and I want to share this with you. I was invited, along with 9 others, to a workshop for the Atmos x Nike Air Max2 […]

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Art, Sneakers

A piece for your wall

I really enjoy how I developed myself in my illustration style. I loved how I used to draw with gradients and triangles in illustrator but as much as I changed, my illustrations did too.. and that’s a good thing. Even a master chef practices one thing a million times before its perfect. I’m very happy […]

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Sneaker Dedication

If you know me from years ago, you know I used to draw sneakers. Day in. Day out. Not a moment I wouldn’t do it. I studied graphic design and as much as I liked most assignments at school, I just wanted to step away from the rules of the book. Long story short. I […]

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